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14 Day Marketing for Mediation / $988

What You Will Learn

Learn how to master the art of marketing your mediation services.

This course is a must for the mediator trainer or professional mediator to increase their business.

Having excellent mediator skills without customers is a formula for failure.

The National Association of Certified Mediators shows you how to become a magnet for new customers knocking on your door for services. Better yet, you can be receiving new customers in the next 14 days!


In this course, you will learn how to:

3 steps for identifying your marketing assets.

The little known secret to creating your customer avatar.

How to employ guerilla marketing techniques.

First steps to online success.

5 Easy Steps to building your web presence.

The quick and painless way to plan your online strategy.

How to quickly get discovered in online searches.

Get Noticed Locally without much effort.

Social Media Marketing for rapid customer attainment.

How to turn your writing into paid customers.

How to change analysis into income.

Expanding to an international market, the easy way.



This course is designed for those who are certified mediators.

  • Make A Full Payment of $988 to start your online training.

  • Complete the course within 30 days & pass the examination with a 70% or better.

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National Association Of Certified Mediators

244 Fifth Avenue
Suite T-205
New York, NY 10001




    National Association Of Certified Mediators

    244 Fifth Avenue
    Suite T-205
    New York, NY 10001



    NACM is the largest professional certification association in the world for mediators. Through our numerous members, NACM provides certification examinations, training, continuing education… 

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