Participating in NACM 40-hour certification is well worth your time and effort. The instructor, Tanya Haggins, is excellent, responsive, and anticipates what challenges there might be regarding the assignments. Even though the course was 100% virtual, it was interactive through assignments and felt ‘live.’ Do not be surprised if it takes you quite a bit more than 40 hours to truly master the course materials. I feel prepared to tip-toe into whatever mediation opportunity comes my way.

Beth Masterman

Completing the NACM 40 Hour Mediator Training Program was a great experience. I was very nervous about it. But...NACM provided me with all the tools I needed to succeed. My teacher Tanya Haggins was exceptional. I look forward to taking more training with NACM to be the best and knowledgeable and prepared mediator for the people I will represent.
Barbara L Mallory Caraway
Enjoyed the process, classes were challenging and informative. Thank you
Craig F. Harrison
I am extremely pleased with the services I received from the National Association of Certified Mediators. The experience was invaluable actually, this course gave me the confidence in that I felt I was ready to mediate. The reading assignment along with all the other materials was on point.
Arlene Maria Cruickshank
I am so excited to have found and participated in the Mediation Certification Course online. I will be able to use the credentials for my new business, Amicable Division, offering a professional, trained mediation service.
Terrilynn Marie Hammond
I am thrilled to have gone through such a well-designed course to become a nationally certified mediator! It feels amazing and I am thankful for this great organization that facilitated this training.
Corey D. Williams
I had the pleasure of dealing with one of your representatives regarding this certification and what documents I would need to present for this certification. She was extremely helpful and very professional throughout the entire process. She instrumental in making it possible for me to complete this task. She also directed me in the right direction from start to finish.
Reynaldo G. Santana
I just completed the 40 Hour Basic Mediation Program and was very satisfied with the course materials, the way the material was presented, and the support. I emailed my instructor once and she responded within minutes of my message. I feel as though I am prepared to begin a career as a Mediator!
Barry Margolis
I learned a lot from the program and appreciated the extra help staff gave me in maneuvering through the computer aspects. Great program!
Craig F. Harrison
I really enjoyed this course, the assignments were very intense and made me understand the practical practice of mediation.
Alexandra Mohrmann
I thoroughly enjoyed the NACM Certification Program. Dr. Haggins is an outstanding teacher! The program is thoughtfully put together with loads of practice items to help hone your understanding of the mediation profession.
Dr. Horace A. Buckley
I very much enjoyed this course and learned so much about the mediation profession. I'm looking forward to applied these skills and this knowledge in the future. Thank you!
Amy Zabokrtsky
It has been a real pleasure taking this course. It contains much more than I thought. Excellent professor( instructor) and program. It has totally changed my life. As an ESL speaker who moved to The U.S. from another country, it opened new horizons and hopes. Thank you for everything.
Dora P. Valenzuela Araujo
It is an excellent program, has very useful and important information, I feel very prepared and confident with the knowledge I've gained with this Certification course. Thank you very much!
Tanya Haggins, my instructor, was very helpful and made herself available to me when I requested further assistance. Thank you Tanya!
Jennifer Downing
Thank you for all of the assistance in completing my certification. I am not great at the computer but the staff helped me through all the difficulties. I learned a lot and would highly recommend this program.
Craig F. Harrison
Thank you for all your support and for the opportunity to receive the National Certification as a Mediator. It was a great course and a wonderful experience.
Alberto Ríos
This training was first-rate and world-class. It feels great to have gone through such an extensive program here at the National Association of Certified Mediators. I am looking forward to using all the skills I have acquired in this national mediation training.
Corey D. Williams, Sr.
This program was a Godsend. Just as Covid shut down the world, I was able to complete this at home, in total quarantine, at my own pace. It was perfect with little ones homeschooling and my desire to avoid live class. It also gave some historic background which helped me understand the societal need for mediation.
Chantale L. Suttle
This program was amazing. It was easy to follow, manageable with my busy schedule, and provided excellent feedback to ensure that I was on the right track. I would gladly recommend this program to anyone.
Sidney M Stubbs
This course was very informative and also helped me advance my skills and critical thinking. I look forward to being an effective mediator and helping people and businesses in resolving disputes efficiently and collaboratively.
Richard Browne
The course is intense and fast-paced but will provide you with lifelong support, connections, and resources to use in your new role as a Certified Mediator. Tanya Haggins is an excellent instructor who continually provides thought-provoking and useful feedback on assignments and approaches instruction with excitement and vigor. This course is money well spent!!
Nicol M. Brown
Awesome program in Mediation.
Dr.Van Williams
Thank you for this Certification Opportunity. I learned a lot about Mediation and got a new and great motivation for my Career. I am proud of myself. This course was helpful. I am grateful to all of you. Let's go to the next level.
Wendlassida Alain Berenger Ouedraogo
The NACM 40 hour course was a fantastic introduction to the mediation industry. The coursework was relevant and detailed and the lesson activities did a solid job of helping me apply what I learned in each lesson. I would recommend NACM to anyone interested in formal training and education in this field!
James C Owsley, Jr.
The training was very beneficial and information was given that you can immediately apply to start your business. Great online course.
Omar Antonius Battle
This self-paced, mediation certification program is a great way to get certified in a meaningful way on your own time. I received timely feedback and answers to a few questions. I will definitely refer back to the course materials as I move into my mediation practice.
Sarah Schriber
This program is comprehensive, rigorous, and intensive. Every lesson, test, and practical exercise were thoughtfully developed to ensure learning objectives were achieved.
Claudia M. Belton-Carr


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